Somerville Stands Together for Good Jobs

On April 26, 2018  the GBLC joined the Metro Boston Building Trades Council, several of our affiliates, and community partners as the "Somervile Stands Together" Coalition in a march to Somerville City Hall to demand that the elected officials representing Somerville take a stand for a city that works for everyone.

The Somerville Stands Together Coalition demands that  elected officials to stand for workplace standards and conditions that are good for all workers.  That means the following:

• Investments in new and existing affordable housing to safeguard residents against
• Negotiating fair contracts for our city's municipal workers.
• Updating and enforcing Somerville's fair labor ordinances.
• Allowing employees to form unions and hold free and fair elections at businesses
that get tax breaks from the City of Somerville.
• Hiring local residents and using union labor on construction projects to ensure high
standards for safety and training; and jobs that provide career pathways for workers.

GBLC Vice President and Community Labor United Executive Director Darlene Lombos spoke at the rally.  For more information about the coalition, visit Somerville Stands Together.