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As #BlackHistoryMonth comes to a close, we honor Caron Reese, Iron Workers Local 7 member activist and leader.

Calling all delegates! Register for the March 16th 6pm delegates meeting here:

As this #BlackHistoryMonth comes to a close, we honor two black educators and activists.

Member leaders of UNITE HERE Local 26 have shaped their union and the world. In this last week of #BlackHistoryMonth we honor Jerry Works and Mark Sims.

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Today we celebrate Massachusetts Nurses Association member, Judith LaGuerre, BSN, RN-BC and historical leader, Mary Mahoney for their incredible achievements in their professions, their unions and in the worlds of all they have cared for. #BlackHistoryMonth

In this last week of #BlackHistoryMonth, we celebrate local black union leaders from several GBLC unions and a historical leader from the same union or trade who paved the way. Today we share the story of UFCW Local 1445 Stop & Shop shop steward and executive board member, Jose Lopes who has been a grocery worker for 40 years.

This afternoon, leaders of the labor movement gathered at the White House to meet with President Biden and Vice President Harris about our shared goal of revitalizing America’s infrastructure.

United Steelworkers (USW) member Jessica Hartung has a lot on her shoulders, but her load has been lightened by one thing in particular—her debt-free college degree. “I’m a single mom, with an autistic son. I have a full-time job, and COVID-19 has changed so much stuff,” said Hartung (not pictured). Despite her range of nonstop responsibilities, it has always been important to her to finish her college degree. For her, the most significant obstacle was the cost.

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Working people need laws that protect our rights to organize, keep us safe at work, and advance racial and economic justice. Tell our elected leaders to pass laws that put working people first.

Essential public-sector workers we all depend on are on the front lines of exposure to this virus. Please ask your State Representative and State Senator to support H4745.

This pandemic has laid bare how intertwined public health and the economy are – and how absolutely vital working people are to keeping every family safe, secure, healthy, and fed. Please ask your State Representative and State Senator to support HD5031 - An Act providing hazard pay for essential workers in the COVID-19 emergency, filed by Rep. Maria Robinson. 

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