Take Action

On February 26th, thousands of working people across Massachusetts will join a national day of action as we speak out for good, union jobs. The Working People’s Day of Action coincides with the Supreme Court hearings on the Janus vs. AFSCME case. That case is part of a well-funded campaign by the wealthy special interests to divide us from our co-workers – and to limit the power in numbers we have together in a union. Actions are currently being planned in Boston, Springfield, Southeastern MA, Lawrence, Amherst and more. 

Thanks to the pressure you've created the GIC has announced it will reconsider its disruptive decision to eliminate three health insurance carriers. We will keep you up to date on continued actions and outcomes. Click here to see Mass. AFL-CIO Legislative Director John Drinkwater on Boston News Network as he discusses the GIC's undemocratic process, the effects of their decision and the next steps to make the commission more equitable.