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Futures Committee

As young workers, we want to live in an America where hard work is respected and valued, where we are responsible for each other, and where we all profit fairly from our work.

We envision an economy that promotes upward mobility through jobs that provide living wages, safety and a voice in the workplace, and quality training and education.

We see the labor movement as an effective vehicle to empower workers to create an open, equal, and just society for all.

We want to reimagine the American dream for ourselves and future generations.

Young union leaders from across the Greater Boston area meet monthly to discuss how to empower young workers within their locals and across the region.

To learn more about the GBLC Futures Committee or how to start a Futures Committee in your area, contact Vanessa Snow at 617.723.2370 or

The Futures Committee meets the first Tuesday of every month 4:30pm at IBEW Local 103 (256 Freeport Street, Dorchester)