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Executive Vice President At-Large

Chris "Tiger" Stockbridge

Christopher “Tiger” Stockbridge was elected to GBLC leadership in 2024 as Executive Vice President At-Large. He serves as President of AFSCME Council 93 since November 2023, the culmination of a lifetime of union activity and service to his co-workers.  Born and raised in Dorchester, MA, Tiger comes from a strong union family. He cam into his own as a union activist when he went to work for the City of Boston Code Enforcement Department in 1992.  At that time, the Department employees were non-union and appointees of the Mayor of the City of Boston. Tiger met with a number of different unions to talk about how he might unionize the Department and ended up selecting AFSCME. It took Tiger about a half hour to collect union cards from 100% his co-workers at Code Enforcement, and when they settled their first contract in 1998, all the members of the union received wage increases of about 30% while also receiving many other benefits that other unionized personnel already enjoyed! 

Tiger was raised by a single mother and his Brother Mike Mackan, who taught him everything about loyalty, standing up for yourself as well as others, fighting for what is right, and integrity. He took those values and put them to work in his Union life. He eventually became President of his own Local, Local 1631, and joined the Council 93 Executive Board in 2008.  He became Sergeant-at-Arms, then Vice President, and most recently President of the Council in 2023.  He has volunteered as a member-organizer at various campaigns all over the country, including in Memphis, TN, Las Vegas, NV and all over Massachusetts and Vermont.