May Day Rally Chelsea

Every year on May Day, we remember that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere — and we proudly stand united as working people.

For too long, working people have gotten a raw deal. Our wages have stagnated while the cost of living continues to rise. Corporations, CEOs and the wealthy few have profited off our hard work while often avoiding paying their fair share, and our communities and families have paid the price as a result. The COVID-19 pandemic has only compounded these challenges, disproportionately affecting our low-income communities and communities of color. This International Workers’ Day, we say #NoMore.

On May 1, we are rallying to bring power back into the hands of working-class people and to demand that our legislators take action and put workers first. 


International Workers’ Day
In-Person Solidarity Rally

Saturday, May 1 | 2 p.m.
248 Everett Ave, Chelsea, MA 02150

Join us in person or via Facebook Live (@GBLCBoston)

All working people are entitled to their hard-earned living wages, basic rights and dignity on the job — regardless of where we were born, what language we speak or what faith we practice. This May Day, we call on our state and federal legislators to:

  1. Pass the PRO Act immediately

  2. Pass Massachusetts’ wage theft prevention act (SD.774 & HD.967)

  3. Support the rights of gig workers