Racial Justice Legislation Priorities

Boston's labor unions call on lawmakers to pass four racial justice bills this session. We will fulfill our duty to fight for the new world that we know is possible. By passing legislation championed by labor's movement partners to support housing justice, evironmental justice, immigration justice and justice for families, Massachusetts can take a step towards racial justice for working class familie and our communities. 

  • The COVID-19 Housing Stability Act, HD.5166 to protect renters from evictions and homeowners from foreclosure.
  • Act Relative to Work and Family Mobility, H.3012/S.2641 to allow any qualified driver to receive a Massachusetts Drivers’ license.
  • An Act Relative to Inmate Telephone Calls, S.1372 which provides no cost phone calls to incarcerated loved ones to keep Massachusetts families connected.
  • An Act Relative to Environmental Justice in the Commonwealth, H.4264/S.453 to provide environmental protections to communities based on race, income and language proficiency.