Boston's labor unions call on lawmakers to pass four racial justice bills this session. We will fulfill our duty to fight for the new world that we know is possible.

Join the GBLC and United Way of Massachusetts Bay on Saturday, July 18th 9-noon at the Stockyard in Brighton.

Delegates, new and old, please join us for the first delegates meeting of 2020.

"Once again the CDC is putting profits over people with its latest recommendations that downgrade worker protections at a time when they are needed most," said Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO.

Meet Kristen Flanagan, a Deli Manager at the Somerville Stop & Shop and member of UFCW 1445. Kristen shares her story from the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. 

This story is the first in the Greater Boston Labor Council's #FrontlineHeroes series, lifting up the work of union members and everyday heroes who are working on the frontlines during the global pandemic. Please share.

Much of the American workplace has shut down, sending millions of employees home to wait out the coronavirus pandemic.

Can You Help? The Greater Boston Labor Council is forming a Union Member Volunteer Brigade. In the wake of the COVID19 public health crisis, union and community members are coming together to help our neighbors in need. The GBLC is working with the Walsh Administration to coordinate these volunteer efforts in the City of Boston and are seeking union members to help our communities in a variety of ways.

We are in a rapidly-changing and very serious public health crisis. The Greater Boston Labor Council recognizes that union members and non-union workers across sectors are facing monumental levels of crisis in some of the most fundamental areas of our lives: health and safety risks, job or pay loss, healthcare insecurity, immigration status, food and water security, childcare shortage, shelter stability and more.

Join us to honor Rich Rogers on the occasion of his retirement. March 5th, 5:30pm at IBEW, Local 103, 254 Freeport Street, Dorchester.

North Carolina workers need a raise. For 11 consecutive years, the cost of living (food, rent, education, childcare) has increased causing our minimum wage to decline in value by 24 percent. Now, a person working full-time while making $7.25 an hour lives thousands of dollars below the federal poverty threshold.

Campaigning for the presidency in 2016, Donald Trump promised that, if he was elected, “American worker[s] will finally have a president who will protect them and fight for them.”  Has he kept this promise? When it comes to protecting workers’ health and safety, his administration has been a disaster. Once in office, Trump packed the leadership of U.S.