On Tuesday, November 17 from 5-6:30pm, join the Massachusetts Labor Movement as we celebrate our hard work during this historic election season.

Please donate this Saturday at our union member to member food drive to help some of the hardest hit in our union family.

Delegates, new and old, please join us for the first delegates meeting of 2020. We will be meeting via Zoom to learn about the Boston labor movement, delegate roles in the GBLC and what we can build together!

Racial disparities in who contracts the virus have played out in big cities like Milwaukee and New York, but also in smaller metropolitan areas like Grand Rapids, Mich., where the Bradleys live. Those inequities became painfully apparent when Ms. Bradley, who is Black, was wheeled through the emergency room. Early numbers had shown that Black and Latino people were being harmed by the virus at higher rates.

This month’s historic Supreme Court ruling that LGBTQ employees are protected in the workplace by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was another step forward in the march for equality. While there is much to celebrate, this ruling comes as our nation is suffering from centuries-old systemic racism and grieving its latest victims. George Floyd and Breonna Taylor were killed by police officers. Twenty-five-year-old Ahmaud Arbery was gunned down on a run by two white men. We need to say their names, know their stories, and recognize why they were deprived of a full life.

Race-neutral policies simply will not address the depth of disadvantage faced by people this country once believed were chattel. Financial restitution cannot end racism, of course, but it can certainly mitigate racism’s most devastating effects. If we do nothing, black Americans may never recover from this pandemic, and they will certainly never know the equality the nation has promised.

Read the full article in The New York Times Magazine.

Thursday, June 25, 4:30-6:30

Please join the GBLC and community panelists for a discussion on racial justice in our labor movement. We will discuss how we as union members and leaders can fight racism and promote racial justice, both internally and externally. We will listen to and learn from community leader panelists and continue to address how we, Boston's labor movement, can move forward together towards justice.

The town hall is open to all union members in the Greater Boston area. There will be an opportunity for questions and answers.

U.S. President & Vice President

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The Greater Boston Labor Council and our affiliated unions are hosting Labor Solidarity actions in honor of Juneteenth across Boston. Please join the Boston labor movement as we fight for black lives.

America is suffering under the crushing weight of three crises, which are a public health pandemic, an economic free fall, and structural racism. They are knotted together in that untangling one depends on how we untangle the others. For instance, structural racism is deeply ingrained in the share of black workers unemployed and dying from the coronavirus. Today, thousands of working people across the country will join together in a national day of action called the Workers First Caravan for Racial and Economic Justice.